In Defense of Jingle All The Way

By now, you’ve heard the result of our Jingle All The Way trial.  (That’s a hyperlink, in case you didn’t.)  And I’m sure you’re thinking, wow, he chose that movie–he must be so disappointed!  I’m here to tell you that, I tried the impossible.  Movies on Trial is all about rhetoric.  We enter these films not as ourselves but as the kind of moviegoer who would enjoy this particular film.  We speak not just for these films, for for the people who might enjoy them.  All kinds of people go to the movie theatre.

I chose this film, not just because I thought it had unfairly been branded as irredeemable, but because I wanted to test my powers of rhetoric in arguing for a very hard film to sell.  And, in doing so, I have failed.  Like Icarus, I have flown to close too the sun.  Or, like Kid Icarus for NES, I almost beat level one.

But, I have made Jason Fischedick watch Jingle All The Way, and that has made all the difference.

– John Rice


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