Hudson Hawk – A Cocktail

We don’t just review movies–in our quest to bring you more (other than our own hilarity), every month one of us has to go along with a cocktail based on and designed to drink during that month’s movie–how many drinks you need is how bad the movie is.

So get your glasses ready for the Hudson Hawk, care of Jonathan Alexandratos:

-strawberries (a handful per drink)
-1.5 oz. of gin
-1 oz. of strawberry liqueur
-ginger beer, to float
-juice from 1/4 lemon wedge
-Pint glass

Pour in your gin, strawberry liqueur, and lemon juice into a pint glass. Muddle the strawberries in the bottom of the glass. Stir in ginger beer, to taste. Drink.

DRINK-O-METER:  3 Drinks

Hudson Hawk will take three of these cocktails to get through–but don’t worry, just like the movie, someone will come along and drink the third one for you.  (Really, he’s like the worst cat burglar in the world.)

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